Anchored In

These memories are ashes
of long gone fire lies.
Where their faces fell,
I settled in the dust.
I’ve anchored in so tightly,
and days have forget to trust.

It’s her and I together here,
our lines full bold abroad.
The ghosts are closing on me,
with a backlit fear of old.
These thoughts are not my own.

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Where We Meet

Sit with me where the sky and the streetlights meet.
Two lines intersect in the moment our stories speak.
Tangled fingers in our tangled space, hanging,
freely in all the times we’d wait.

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Love Lost In A Fire

Where are you now,
but tinder and smoke.

Forty floors of orange,
and the ash of the earth.

Love lost in a fire,
long beneath the crust.

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In Gardens

Not all that follows are ghosts. We live clumsily among the garden of our past, and though we move, fatefully forward, any seconds stumble sends us back. That song, alive, the sound of longing now, the sound of laughter so. Smiles stretching back, tears we’re holding back, a love for reaching back. Forever is only times we’ve strung together.

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Starry Spaces

I’ve sat in circles, in the center of the room with faces flush for conversation in a way I’ve always known. The walls have ways of fading, the faces all grow faceless. Their words yet spilling where their formless mouths believe, in these rooms I’ve all but left, watch my starry eyes recede. I’ve gone to all the spaces, to find the in-between.

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Little Lives, Little Rooms

All my life we’ve kept our lives in small concealed compartments,
in hiding spots in little rooms, our little home in separate boxes.
We stole our eyes and left the rest, and small talk now survives.
Please forgive my faulted faith, I’ve lived so long alone outside.

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Worst Case Parade

no matter how many times you tell yourself “everything is ok”
the unsettling edges of overthinking parade
and with every worst-case scenario, your breath has run away

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