A Magnetic Truth

On Magnetic North. On a definitively relative term, as “North” points in all directions for all people. The term “magnetic” then is only a claim for the feeling of being pointed in the right direction. In life, North is a sign of derivative progress and comfort. North is up, forward, home, and in that vein, magnetic. My own North shifts constantly and is satisfied by many ventures, many methods, many feelings, fleeting or otherwise. Life will pull, relentlessly, in every direction, at every whim you claim with the wind. As home, as the stars, North will comfort and confide, reminisce in all your wildest times, reassure that home is always home, the light is always on, and in any place you can hold that heart, finite and forever. North is progress, and as you move forward in life, as opposed to the inevitable lateral shifts (and you will), the feeling is always up, the top of the compass, and in times it happens that is only yours. Every step you take is only significant to you, and in turn, North only determined by the impact that any movement has on your being and the reflection of a less-filtered, more refined, inherently resolved self. In such, East and West can be North. As any lateral change, be it drastic, defiant, curious, may define itself as a catalyst and the present redefined by the past. Hence a previously lateral move becomes the necessary North. At heart, there are persons that bleed magnetic, the sanguine steps of their lives are always only North; while some of us will stumble, some will stay forever, that magnetic truth is met in all directions.

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