A List, Simply.

fate. duality. purpose. anxiety. faith and lack thereof. strangers mannerisms. the way light comes naturally through windows in dive restaurants and makes royalty of a relic. energy, and ones ability to effect a room in the immediate. pure asthetics. intimacy in shadows and smiles by the low light. dualism. the far reaching, finite, inesccapable affectation of the dualism of life. kharma. influence. truth, and want of. little lies and are they innocent? memory. ones ability to adopt any specifics and arrangements of the past as they see fit to the varying light of their current life. stories. coincidence. conspircacy. charm in conversation and the elegant power in a simple smile. perspective. effort. empathy. expression. obsession. all of these as i see them in regularity and adoration. as all the parts of all the days of me. the recollection, and the trailing off as the soudns of the day surround the lines of the page. and i simply am, again, carried off, return my day away.

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