Rhapsody in Drunk.

the sum of it all can never surmount the tears and trials of outracing your wile. too many turns too much speed too much retrospect to avoid the spurn. i want it all at once, at once alone, at once along with everyone. i want it all with you and you and all of you come too. i want it all alone and everyday forever blurs forever. on the spur of moments forever greet the world.
we’re all beginning.
we’re always ending.
we’re only bleeding til we’re mending.
and all your truths are only true the day the wisdom comes from you.
always long, always lasting, in my life forever cast. left the nest with youth. left with heart, left abreast aware. photo-blessed the world with love and moments, tokens left. but what of us, what of friends, did we all do wrong? are all nomadic ties romantic sighs romanced from all of you and i…are we the lonesome lost romanticized? are we all alas or are we right on time? doomed to dance in self in shadows, doomed to reminisce.
we have all at once caught an eye, felt a blessing in disguise.
all at once relied on virtue spry.
all at once held through hell in the heart of heat and smiled.
belief beyond a doubt, when armor falls to see.
where love along all coasts in lines intersect
we anchor off to be.

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