Every Island, Every Man.

to say, the intrinsic value of every man is gauged by the like that man holds dear. this is one of varied universal truths upheld in present as past as proceeding and in such firm recollection, this stained generality is the root of each man in his own rite, and the root of our modern obsession over individuality. the things that i hold dear (words, language, sociability, personage, conversation, art, creativity, authenticity, vanity, form, curiosity, so on…) and the respective values of everyman may at lines intersect, and thus link us each at different motives and emotions, but also drive us further from another at the milestones in life, where one must stand firm on his own shores, at war with intrinsic antonyms as former friends and enemies. we seek love in duration relative to our emotional stock and the firmament in which we place these hearts of ours; and in defense or patronage of such, stand guarded before each our lime-lit pyre. so sad so many end in effigy, burnt, beguiled, but bless our hearts for trying. the secret here is not at all -we’re all at heart hard war, and all our wars are holy- holding back in hiding only ends alone. adding value, matching value for each our own intrinsic identities brings us toward that which we adore and other sacred shores; these foreign wild grounds, new, uprooted, unabashed as where we stand as man and friends and lovers whether firm and fast or down and out. alas, we always move for all we hold true, as so in every truth is every man, and you.

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