Fading and Contemplative

feeling fading contemplative for the big things. anthemic lullabies, in love with the fight songs of life. dark corners. bright lights. flash forwards. big cities. lust and lace. undercover under sheets. first loves, only loves, lonesome loves. last kisses and long goodbyes. longer nighttime drives and the starry smiles binding childhood storybook lives. newfound friends and reconnecting. family ties, family trials. old dust speckled on every memory and every past time that always comes to shine. such constantly inherent yet always uncanny truth in grand design. the laughs. every teared up, breath stealing, unmistakably finite fucking laugh with the mad ones. tears. deaths. taxes. lazy sundays via late night saturday conversations, candid by the low lights. east coast winters and southern summers. the music. always the music, all times and tones and every note a shrine. those who know, the dreamers and melodious minds screaming soft words loud from wild eyes. endless zen in retrospect.

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